GeeklyHub Reviews 5 Tips for Balancing Your Academic and Social Lives

GeeklyHub Reviews 5 Tips for Balancing Your Academic and Social Lives

College is a very unique experience, in that likely for the first time in your life, you don’t have any oversight from your parents, and because you only attend classes for a few hours, you’re left with the majority of your day to spend as you please. While this lack of structure can be liberating for some, it can also be daunting if you struggle with time management, spending too much time in the library, or too much time with friends. Read below for our experts at GeeklyHub reviews team’s advice on reaching a better equilibrium between the two.

1. You Can Spend Quality Time with Friends Even While Also Doing Work

The right kind of friend is often an underutilized means of keeping you on track, say our GeeklyHub reviews experts. Sure, you likely have chatty, inattentive chums that would be distracting to work alongside, but if you find people that are as motivated as you, you can hold each other accountable for getting your respective work completed. Especially if you are in the same class as a friend, you can complain about and work through challenging tasks together. It always helps to have a fresh set of eyes with a different perspective to help with everything from reworking a befuddling math problem to proofreading an essay.

While studying with your mates certainly isn’t the most fun you’ll have with them, establishing that kind of support network with one another will actually make your friendships stronger, and you won’t have to choose between hanging out with friends or studying.

2. Try Not to Go to Bed Too Late on The Weekends, Nor the Night Before a Test

While it might feel exhilarating to stay up with friends late into the night (or very early into the morning) once the school week is over, it can be detrimental to your sleep cycle. If you’re accustomed to getting up at 7 or 8 a.m. Monday through Friday, but then suddenly stay out until 4 a.m. on weekends and sleep in until 2 p.m., your circadian rhythm (your biological clock) will be deeply disturbed — some sleep experts dubbed this habit “social jet lag.” With your circadian rhythm dysfunctioning, your body won’t be able to regulate itself properly. You can experience symptoms such as either struggling to fall asleep at an appropriate time or needing to sleep in well beyond your class hours. More severely, a chronic lack of proper sleep can actually lead to an increased risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, infections, and depression.

If you pull an all-nighter studying, you might think that you can simply skip a few classes and sleep in extra late the following day to reset your body. Unfortunately, our GeeklyHub reviews experts have learned it can take days or even weeks to get your body’s rhythms back in alignment. While staying up occasionally is relatively benign, those 8 a.m. classes will hit your body especially hard if just the night prior you had been up until the wee hours of the morning.

3. Make a Calendar and Stick to It

Because so much of college students’ days are unstructured, those that need organization in their lives often write online at hubs like Reddit review forums that they struggle, finding themselves trying to do everything at once while actually accomplishing little to their lack of focus. While it may seem silly to pencil your friends into your schedule, if you block out the specific times to dedicate to studying and commit to working during those hours, most often, you’ll have some time left during the day to see your friends. Our GeeklyHub reviews experts recommend you absolutely plan in advance if you know you have a workload increase looming — maybe don’t decide on a road trip with friends right before a midterm week. An essential part of keeping a calendar is not overfilling it, so be sure not to overload yourself with unnecessary credits because then both your social and academic lives will struggle.

4. Don’t Spend Time Doing Nothing

While there isn’t anything wrong with spending time after a difficult week recharging by yourself, make sure that you do things you actually need or want to do, not just the easiest thing to do. You will feel much more refreshed and fulfilled if you spend your time doing a more hands-on, creative hobby by yourself or with friends instead of turning your brain off by binging a season of television, scrolling through Instagram, or combing through Reddit reviews. Years from now, you won’t look back fondly on the times you spent scrolling on your phone, but instead on the experiences that caused you to grow closer to others and as a person.

5. If You Say That You’re Going to Study, Actually Study

Speaking of staring mindlessly at one’s phone on platforms like Reddit’s review discussions, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of going to the library only to procrastinate, staring at social media the entire time. While that time could have obviously been spent studying, it would still have been better if you were actually spending time with your pals instead of mindlessly scrolling.

In college, you’ll need to be able to surmise what is worth making sacrifices for — will you skip having dinner with friends so you can eat while finishing a paper instead? Are you confident about an upcoming test tomorrow and would rather spend time with others instead of going over the same notes for the third time? These types of decisions can be hard to make early on in your academic career, but they become easier once you get a better understanding both of the difficulty of your classes and your own capabilities.




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